JF Realty Network is based out of Brentwood (Contra Costa County) and is focused on real estate news and information within the San Francisco Bay Area region. Our goal is to provide information to both real estate professionals and home buyers and sellers.

This sites content consists of news, commentary and analysis by local real estate professionals who work within the industry. They are real world professionals who deliver news and opinions through their own experience working within real estate everyday.

Our experts will focus on:

  • Home buying/selling
  • Rentals
  • Investment Property
  • Property Management
  • Tips & Tricks

With thousands of realtors in the San Francisco Bay Area, our core belief is that with so much information out there, we can work together to put it in one place which helps everyone within the industry.


About the Publisher
John Fink, Delta Ranches and Homes of Brentwood, is a full-service property management and rental firm in Brentwood. Fink launched the site in April of 2017 with the goal of working with other realtors to showcase their expertise.

Fink is an industry expert in Contra Costa County and has been in the industry for many years as a real estate agent. He is also a member of the City of Brentwood Planning Commission (since 2010) and a member of the Brentwood Rotary Club–including serving as past president. He has also served as a volunteer at the Brentwood Police Department.

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